Almighty Dolla
I'm from the city where the skinny niggas with it
Seen niggas get they head knocked off over pennies
I'm on my way to greatness, I got alot in me
I give you all of me till I'm all the way empty
Power over money
I respect real shit
That money come and go but that pride you live with
I done kill shit ain't slept good since
To be honest it's fucking with my concious
That nonsense gotta stop an angel cried out
I ask her would the lord forgive me, she said "soon you'll find out"
My time running out
My clock start to tick
Hope he read my heart and know I never wanted this
I can't go it's to much I'll miss
I never had a child, never gave my wife a kiss
I'm only 19 but I feel 36
If you listen close hope you read between the prints
I'm just trying to vent
20 millions brothers locked up behind a fence
All due to negligence
It's not making sense
Unless it makes cents
Better yet dollaz, better yet millions
These millions are ours
These hours are ours
This country is ours
Unity amongst black people equal power
They divide and conquer and we allow that
What happen to the panthers being proud to be black
We're losing our culture I pray we get it back
I'm losing my sane shit I'm try and get it back
Not using our brain, we too focus on rap
Too focus on the trap
And that's a real fact
Cops killng off niggas, they just got my brother
R.I.P to lil Ant, that's my brother from another
Never got a chance but he in a better place
When that nigga call my day then I'm a see his face
Fuck the D.A., I rather electrify
Fore I testify, They can come and get me right now
I'm itching right now
You don't like it fuck you
But I'm a kill this fucker tear this beat black and blue
I love my sisters, my true black women but I call bitches, bitches when the devil in them
I love my brothers, my real black men but a nigga is a nigga when he ain't being a man
I'm doing all I can but I'm still feeling low
Hoping the sunshine to find my way home (trying to find my way home)

That Almighty Dolla
So many step, so many kept, so many debt
That Almighty Dolla
So many ride, so many died, so many rot
For That Almighty Dolla