ATL Homecoming
Can you say A-Town?
Can you say A-Town?
I'm coming home again...

A-Town my playground
A lot of shit changed and it just ain't the same now
A lot of niggas left it and yep I stayed down
Hustle til the sun came up and it came down
I lost my innocence and virginity all in the city
Every time I do a song I do it all for the city
B.M.F. hit the city back in 99
I was 11 I remeber sellin my first dime
Was the Bobby brown year but niggas used to be high
Now niggas smoke kush pop pills just to get high
And it's just ain't fly, niggas just can't lie
Dolla get the job done shit I can't just try
And I just came by, but they sayin' I ain't welcome
And em very same niggas when they need me I helped them
The streets I milked them and gave right back
Drive 9 in the bubble 17 came back
This shit just ain't rap
I love Atlanta like pussy, I was 13 digits sellin dimes playin hookie
Then I started sellin hoes, now these hoes tryna book me
Wish a nigga would try, Best believe can't whoop me!
So now I'm gettin money and I'm feelin my self
Everything I did shit I did it myself
I never had help, just me and my fam
And now I'm on the tube and niggas see the plan
I could never get a DJ to play my shit
Now everytime I'm in the club niggas play my shit
And now my EX-Bitch call cryin her heart out
We ain't got shit to talk bout, Eat your heart out
Why I Eat my wife out, fuck her lights out
I Keep my ice out, I shine like a lighthouse
Try jack mine and I'm leavin them layed out
I like to take my time out to speak my mind bout
The place I call home A-Town what we rhyme bout
Strip clubs strap but it's more than that
Atlanta had a lot of leaders and most of em black
Dr. King had a dream right here in the A
Sweet albin avanue the heartbeat of the A
But now niggas is gay
Know he turnin in his grave
Don't go to Lenox mall cus the shit ain't the same
Damn near shame, real niggas feel my pain
But it's more hoes for me so really I can't complain
Pour the champain big toast to the A
Reminiscin on the days I was broke in the A
I Had hope in the A, did it all for the A

Yeah! knowimtalkinbout
Like I said last mixtape It's cool to be from the south
Nowadys It's cool to be from the A
But I was a nigga that was livin out here man
I was a nigga that was trappin out here man
Really dealin with the issues down here man
Before all this black hollywood shit knowimtalkinbout
When niggas was riding Chevys and you was the man
When you ain't have to be in a bently to be stuntin and shit
If you had 22 tool on your shit you was clean
Got that? That's where I come from
I Come from that A Town area baby
I Really think about the time where niggas used to wear
Flip flops with slow socks knowimtalkinbout
Reeboks with the jabot tocks knowimtalkinbout