I'm From Decatur (Dolla and 3-6 Mafia)
[Hook 1: Dolla]
I'm from Decatur where It's greater
We A fool with it
We ain't waiting on the money shit we go and get it
Make a million on the corner I ain't move a pivet
That hustle shit runs through my veins I was born with it

[Hook 2: 3-6 Mafia]
I'm from the Missisipi crips and We a fool with it
We the first 48 niggas and we cool with it
Run Dolla after Dolla we a fool with it
Its that real Zone 6 nigga come get it

[Verse 1: Dolla]
I'm from the Dec where niggas dyin for respect
If a nigga out of line I put the nine to his chest
I'm sellin what you buyin got that hard got that stress
Cus nigga I grind got a lot on the connect
And My bitch speak spanish, so him and I communicate
I got short patience so you niggas best communicate
Ain't got shit to do today so fuck it let's run through the A
Hit every fuckin trap and count the money we accumulate
Niggas I ain't new to K, I blew the K,
Before you even knew the K
Feds on my ass watchin every damn move I make
I caught the case, blew the case, royal run through the case
Pay the judge off and told him fuck it let's have lunch today
Eastside Decatur nigga you can check my background
Send my bulldozer over lay your fuckin trap down
My bulldog my homeboy, better get along boy
Eastside zone 6 run it by the zone boy