Hi-Definition (Dolla and Streets)
[Verse 1: Dolla]
Watchin in...
High Definition as I'm flippin through my composition
No book I see other niggas ain't no competition
No look pass it like I'm magic I leave in essesens
Hoes look at it as we get it by the sixes (shabazz holla at me!)
Our pockets fatter cus we got that shit that niggas missing
You think you better try me nigga I can show you different
Shoot up your bladder now a bag is where you shit and piss in
Fuck chitter-chatter pussy nigga cus you easy pickens
A Fucking hustla, every penny every nickel
Every dime ever quarter otherwise you feel the holy water
Just ate a chicken plate I'm bout to place another order
I Slaughtter any beat Just like these other rappers Oughta
Big booty bitches I be fucking by the dueces
Say they love how I be flowing and they download all my music
My shit so therapeutic I say easy nothing to it
I can beat it like a porna have you fiendin like you pooky
Keep Extra guns for extra goons and extra booms
Who mix with tats exit the room
Dolla bill a act a dog see me holla at the moon
In the middle of the winter make it feel like june
Get a package at 11 it was gone by noon
Bitch have your pretty ass in hear my car go zoom
A-Town nigga blowing cali weed my eyes look like they japanese
No talkin on the celly think them boys in blue is after me

[Verse 2: Streets]
Live from the bottom of the belly of the beast
No I never been a saint nor priest
The devil roll with me in that 98 copries
As I hopped out and let them bitch niggas feel the heat
Ya Hear me
It's either fuck me or feel me
Been through a whole lot I can give a fuck how you feelin
Homie I done been around the block and back again
I done served up the pot and stack my ends
Now I'm feelin like a villian cus a nigga really willin
To knock a few heads off If Imma get a million
And get to work and make a killin
Niggas tryna shoplift my flow they stealin
If I got patent my verse Imma hit them where it hurts
Leave his ass in the dirt and his brains on the curve
And Imma take everything you earned
Make sure I take everythin you earned

[Verse 3: Dolla]
It's whenever with Whoever wherever I'm at
I was raised in the ghetto where we was thought to adapt
Ain't no job out here for niggas bitches strippin niggas trap
Either cap or you get cap, either stand up or collapse
I got other of town niggas that'll come in town
Do a in town job and get the fuck out of town
I'm too different to be copied
Blowing broccoli is the hobby
They can't do it how I do it cus these other niggas sloppy
I be you can't box with me
Them sucker niggas fly that way
I come up from section 8 with empty hearts and dinner plates
Walls closin in on me I'm bout to hyperventilate
Laws right behind me I'm mashin on the interstate
Rollin in the tire my supplier got me straight
I can't wait to hit the A and see what we accumulate
Leave her with my gutta bitch I think she got a cake to bake
Call my lawyer just in case she start to go a different way
And I'm gone! Knowimtalkinbout!