Love of Money

*For the Love of Money*

Back to Back in Lamborghinis
Screamin' fuck you in Swahili
Write my rap down in graffiti
Looking for a Nefertiti
With Nice tities a fat ass and a pussy that I can chew
Don't mind hanging with the fellas every now and than a brew
Or too she would drink so we can link and conversate
And probly make, our connection as we sip our beverage
Smoke and We Play cards
But I keep my poker face for ho's cus I don't got no heart
Can't you see my life is hard? thats why I keep my body guard
Kevin Pastrana Body pashna
Always lean in 40 block
Heavy but we ready than he ready but we know he not
Bitches come a dime a dozen and I know I fucks a lot
That I Could probly be a millionaire, add it up
Cus I keep my dimes and quarters pieces in my room with asses up
Wanna fuck a nigga named Dolla Bill who catches up
She must just be senseless cus she would not get a penny
Of my chimmy tryna clip me on my mission to a milli
Getting fatty food and Liquor plus a back aches is all I give a hoe
Pass the dro, Pass the dro now play that Lupe Fiasco
Cus I don't wanna hear you singing 'less you hitting C notes
I Can change a bitch mind like a channel no remote
Niggas ballin on a budget while we travel without luggage
Off the flight now we hit the mall and buy up everything we wanted
Cash Rules Every Thing Around Me
Kawasaki buy some Yamaha
Bitches i'd push your bras like everyday is mardi gras
We just tryna party y'all and fill these hoes with alcohol
And if youre under 21 than I just can't account for y'all
Dollar after Dollar I see more on I can go on
Cus Our party on on every song I'm gettin on straight puttin on
Fuck you haters, my suit tailored we wear gators like Debo
Fuck me both that piegon talk
Infatuated with that dough