Old School
Old school shit easy!

They call me Dolla man I'm hotter than who ever you like
Dr. J, Kobe Bryant, LeBron and Mike
Rappers talk shit on records but could hardly fight
White boys love the flow Dolla Gnarly nice
I Can Do this rap shit til the early night
Catch a early flight
Then hit the turn pike yeah
Flood a nigga block with the purly white
New face, new town ya'll know the break down
Still have them hoe brake the other half down
Shake downs and kick doors we used to such
Had to cuss some niggas off cus they knew too much
Know the type of clown niggas tryna do too much
Buyin them big cars chains and new minks
Niggas Just don't think that the police link
All of that shit together to acquire a case
Rather be behind the wall with some dick in his face
But I stay low-key niggas don't know me
Street life like a drug and I be o.d.
Bet Countin' seven figures why you niggas o.d.
Over draftin ass niggas keep procrastin ass niggas
Can't get the job done oh half ass niggas
That's why I be laughin at niggas
Got a whole lot of money still blast me a nigga
For the...
Fettuccine call me Dolla Luciano mo' keys than a piano
Live my life like a soprano
Man handle, any bitch nigga tryna test me
Ballin' on these niggas I think I deserve an S.P.
My Neck piece...all flooded up
Drunk off the money nigga damn near throwin up
Suck on me honey never thinkin' about comin up
Til I Start spittin' up than you better lick it up
What the fuck we made men
Get your chest caved in
Remember them days when, we were at the days inn
Baggin' up, nah nigga 35 add it up
Panoramic view who woulda ever knew?
Penthouse sweet with a dropout speech
Three piece suit with the crack down feet
I Rather get money don't too much speak
Cus niggas act funny, Loudmouth niggas get they tounge cut out
Stuffed in the envelope then mailed to the house
Airing you out, dead men don't mumble
Got some arrogant ways overall a nigga humble
Born in the jungle seen light in the tunnle
Talk slick to Dolla have you eating threw a funnel cocksucker!
I Said...
Talk slick to Dolla have you eating threw a funnel cocksucker!

Ey whats crackin it's Dolla Dolla konvict music
Gang entertainment knowimtaalkinabout
DJ Shabazz he the official dj of this shit
We getting ready for this tour man
We fin tear this shit down fuck a couple hoes
Get a little bread man come back tear the city up
Al salem alycem ah saleycem salam