Protect Me (Dolla and Streets)
[Hook: Streets]
I'm having paranoid nightmares waking up in cold sweats,
Every night a gun fight gettin closer? death,
As I kneel down and pray all I can really say
Theres alotta crooked homies where I stay.
I pray God protect me from my friends I can take care of my enemies.
God protect me from my friends and take care of my enemies.

[Verse 1: Streets]
Two youg hustlas on the same grind
Thought he was his nigga but he found out in due time
Nigga showed his truthness, showed that hes ruthless
Plottin and schemin, yeah this nigga tryna do me
Can't believe that I showed him the game
Share a few tips told him stack up the change
Now he got a lil money and nigga tryna change
Tryna die me out, tell his boys come to my place
Whole while cat rat tryna hear what I say
They fed off my enegergy, future off empire
Rather take a bitch and send me down the road
...In this situation what can I do?
I got a 100 niggas safe If I got a point to make
In this situation all a nigga can do is pray
Hope got come rescue me

[Verse 2: Dolla]
Hey I can handle all my enemis
My friends prolly be the end of me
Had a vision that the nigga killin me was kin of me
Assassinate me like the Kennedy
Ridin down pe street
Top down AC, Blowing full blastin out the blue
I Heard the blast and then I see my life flash
Right before my eyes and then my brains hit the dash
Success'll get you enemis, broke a get you some friends
Have you pullin up in hoopties success will get you a benz
I'm stackin dead presedents, watchin so called friends
And these bitches say they love me but I know they pretend
For the love of the money a brother practice it
They say the devil out here fishin he just wait for the bait
I was too busy showin love so I looked over the hate
Just cus how we relate doesn't mean that we suppose to relate
I was in and out the state, he was tryin to graduate
We 2 different type of niggas I should of known he was fake