I Got my eyes on the prize, Even if I was blind,
I still could play them keys, I got Stevie Wonder eyes.
This shit pumpin' in my veins, Feel it deep within' my heart,
I'm picasso with a pencil, Make this rap shit look like art,
Run a circle around the square bitch and tear her brain apart,
Keep em' stupid, You will think cupid, aimed and shot em' with a dart,
You was fresh up off the porch, I was fresh up out the porsche,
Oh let me in time hustla' catch me runnin' with the torch,
Set a nigga' block on fire feel that heat I'm about ta' scorch,
Double xl with that flow, You feel the vibe, I'm 'bout to source,
Just a soldier on a mission that we shal' never abort,
I ain't even worried 'bout it I got a niggas' support,
Lean back and kick my feet up and let nature take it's course,
God got a plan for me, Just some things you can't force,
Lay a violent hand on me and a nigga' see the morgue,
Bitches come between the money, Say goodbye, You see the door,
Dolla' bill the same nigga, Million bust up bitchin' poor,
Niggas' handcuffin' bitches, Whatcha� catchin� feelins' for,
Keep em' to a minimum, You raisin' my tempeture,
Make it sound like a movie, Welcome to my cinema,
Al Pacino, Rob Denero, I am somethin' similar,
If eva' I be wit' 'em, Pussy poppin' numba� one,
Bein' as I pull up, Ask them bitches, I'm the one,
Laughin' at them crackas', Ha ha', Now the rabbit got the gun,
Once again the flow is crack, When you hear the beat I get cha' numb,
Rosa sat, Martin walked, now Obama bout to run,
Got this city on my back even if it weigh a ton,
I'm a natural born leada', Momma' raised a champion.

Came to the conclusion, That we need a solution,
Drugs in our community to stop that pot polution,
Let's start the revolution, Build an institution,
We still want 3rd a person and that's in the constitution,
Workin' for the man, I disagree with prostitution,
You see that percussion, Under my seduction,
I'm on that different planet like I've been through an abduction,
Beat that track up, I think I gave it a concussion,
Get high I be buzzin, Rain on that production,
I'm slightly out my mind, Sometimes I wonder how I function,
Fellows I be bustin, Chronic I be puffin,
Drizzle on your brain and when I'm done I stick the fork in,
He hangin' with them pigs, You know them cops, We call them pork men,
Nothin� but dishonor so I can neva' support them,
Put them on my momma', Words of Obama,
See they can take your freedom but neva' can take your honour.