What We Do
Yeah... Ey Canti how you want this man,
This shit easy...no steroids...
Shabazz Holla at me!

These niggas can't see me on my off day
MJ Fadeaway
Ballin on these niggas why they still on lay-away
Fuck it let the semi spray
Sing like Billy Holiday
Everyday a holiday but sunday my off day
No I dont do off days, I jus do the boss days
Dolla stay on point I heard em niggas tryna off me
I Just smoke a joint and let the stress bounce off me
Or I just fuck a slut and after that bitch get off me
Another day another Dolla another Dolla another problem
Another problem Another choppa, Another choppa another doctor
Another victim another service another service another casket another buried he a basterd
What Happened? I was asking for my cabbage
He was actin he ain't have it so I had to let him have it
Automatic for the static I'm a addict
Alot of rappers act bad but Dolla Bill's the baddest
My rhyme pattern is so damn erratic
Another rapper tryna jack it I was the first to had it
You can have it I done did it now I'm gone
I Don't do shit wrong Sound good when I yawn....
So damn easy, I talk so greasy cus these niggas cheezy
Believe me, they can't never leave me,
I'm so damn hungry like my mama never feed me
So cive me, caged in I'm in my own damn zone
I evolve like a cave man
gots K's, Macs, & Tecs..
Ye aint think niggas rapped this good in his debt
I bet I'm the best shit yet
Niggas just ain't hold it cus they can't catch
Like a nigga with no hands
Niggas light weight call em Lindsay Lohan
Check out this program, the area is so damn
New thought bout gone buyin a handstand
You in a quick sand, I'm in a foreign land
Somewhere with a bitch...catchin a quick tan
Track my bitch now, started to itch now
On my shit now, all on my dick now
Game fucked up and I'm startin to flip now
Cotton mouth rappers niggas can't even speak now
I Said Cotton mouth rappers niggas can't even speak now
They call me Dolla bill G.A.N.G. I Do this shit for real bitch bow down!