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R.I.P. Dolla
This Website Is Dedicated To A Rapper named "Dolla"
The Whole Idea of This website is to Celebrate Dolla's Life
and bring His Music to be heard,
And I Mean ALL of It! every Mixtape, Freestyle,
Show Caught On Camera...Any Pictures and Other Good Stuff
Here Is Some Information About Him:
He Started with A Group in The Year 2000,
And thats when the Whole Legacy Started.
After meeting DJ Shabazz, they recorded alot of songs together
and released mixtapes.
On This Site you can get every information available on Dolla,
in his memory.
I Hope that you all will see what A Big Person He was
and What He Did,
And I hope that you will be Able to Enjoy Dolla
As Much As Possible.
Choose from the Options Up and ENJOY YOURSELF

This Site is operated by a huge Fan,
Who has collected all information available on Dolla
And Loves Hip Hop and Rap to it's core!
P.S.: If Something is not working, please refresh the page. This site is frequently changed.
20th of August '14: Dolla- Highway to Money ***NEW***
Sas - R.I.P. Bucc
Who The F is That Acapella *R.I.P. BUCC SLIDESHOW*
May 18th 2013 News: NEW Song by Dolla Released by DJ Shabazz Titled: GANG *Click*

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