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As You all know, T-Pain is a great musican and artist.
He was working with Dolla and im sure if he was alive he was still rappin with him.
I Felt like he deserves a page on the Dolla website
Why? For Two Reasons:
1.He Helped Dolla, After Dolla got signed to Jive and became his best friend.
2.In 2009, He Made a tribute car for dolla, on his 1972 Chevy Chevelle.

T-Pain showing love for his old buddy, by airbrushing his picture on his own '72 Chevy Chevelle.
T-Pain said Dolla and him were best friends after collaborating on the song "Who the Fuck Is That?" Note: you can listen to the song up. for more info click on the song title

Pain was quoted by saying:
"Showin my respects for my dog R.I.P. on the 72 Chevy Chevelle," Pain posted on Twitter.
"Man," Pain said on the phone about Dolla's murder.
"It happens every day. It don't take nothing but time before it happens to someone you know. We had problems when I first got signed.
But then we worked it out, and after that we was the best of friends. ... It kind of sucks. And we just got our friendship straightened out, then all of this had to happen."

T-Pain Car Picture Gallery:

Furthermore Here is T-Pain showing his car by Himself and in person:

As well as getting this nice Car, Pain also did a nice Tribute for Dolla on stage:

Information seen here was taken from 2 MTV.com articles: Article #1 Article #2