This Page is All About DJ Shabazz, Dolla's Official DJ, Worked with Him and recorded Tons of Songs!!

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When DJ Shabazz (Sidiq Abawi) Was working with Jive Back in 2006, He Met Dolla while Dolla got signed.
They immediately became Friends and Shabazz became Dolla's official DJ afterwards.
Soon after, Shabazz moved to Atlanta and Lived with Dolla for a while, and became a close family friend.
Since then they both released alot of material together and had multiply projects include's Dolla's first LP "A Dolla and A Dream".
In 2009 When Dolla got killed, DJ Shabazz began releasing all of the lost tracks, and since then haven't stopped doing so.
I Firmly Believe that Dolla would become a multi-platinum MC, and Shabazz would work with him Forever.
I Wanna thank DJ Shabazz for still making and working on the Dolla music for his Memorial, without YOU the world
is Losing on the BEST Artist to ever record. YOU are a LEGEND.